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Fri. Feb 6th 2015
Open Burning Regulations and the "4:00 P.M. Law"

The Loudoun County Fire Marshal's Office is reminding citizens that open burning is restricted in Loudoun County between ...

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Sun. Jan 11th 2015
Former Aldie VFD Fire Chief Murrell Partlow Has Passed Away

Former Aldie VFD Fire Chief Murrell Partlow passed away on Jan. 4, 2015. Mr. Partlow was Fire Chief during the mid-1970's...

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Mon. Oct 20th 2014
Fund Drive is In-Progress

October 2014Dear Friends and Neighbors,The Aldie Volunteer Fire Department is celebrating our 59th year of service to the com...

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About Us

Welcome to Aldie Volunteer Fire Department Web Site!

The Aldie Volunteer Fire Department (AVFD) is along the Route 50 corridor in southern Loudoun County, VA.  We are known as Loudoun County Station 7, or Station 607 under the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) numbering system.  We are "first due" to around 43 square miles, with approximately half of this area being mountain and/or wildland area.

We rely on donations from the community to pay for most of our expenses.  Loudoun County tax dollars pay for the career staffing and around $118,000 of our operating budget each year.

The AVFD was organized in 1955 by a group of dedicated Aldie area residents and its first piece of fire apparatus, a used 1948  fire engine, was purchased for $5,500.  This fire engine was kept at the Aldie Garage on the west end of Aldie.  In 1956, the department purchased its first station, which was formerly a garage and service station on the east end of Aldie, and we also bought a used 1939 Ford fire engine.  The AVFD responded to 18 calls their first year of service, and relied solely on donations from the community for their operating expenses.

In 1964, the department bought its first new fire engine, a 1964 Ford/American La France for $17,000.  Then, in 1971, Company 7 built a new station on the same property as the old fire station.  In June 1972, the new fire station and all of the fire apparatus was damaged by flash flooding that struck the station during Hurricane Agnes.  One engine was totally destroyed.

A used 1953 GMC fire engine that formerly ran from the Herndon, VA, fire station was purchased to replace the destroyed engine.  In the late 1970's, our first modern diesel-powered fire engine was purchased to replace the 1953 GMC.  This unit was a 1978 Mack Model MB, and due to a large donation from the Gudelsky Family, this unit was paid for and a 1981 Mack Model MC was purchased to replace the 1964 Ford/American LaFrance fire engine.  Over the years, vehicles were replaced as needed and this has resulted in the current AVFD fleet.

In 2000, the AVFD requested and received career staffing to supplement the volunteer responders for our station.  In February 2006, this staffing was deployed to 24 hour staffing with a crew of three firefighters for the engine and/or tanker, and a crew of two for a county-owned ambulance based in our station.  On average, units based in Aldie respond to around 600+ incidents each calendar year.

Our members have quite a few years of experience.  In fact, our active membership has an average of over 28 years of service to the Aldie Volunteer Fire Department!  But, we are always looking for new volunteers!  Applications are available in the "Files" category on the left side of our web page.







Fire & Other Safety Tips

The Aldie Volunteer Fire Department is committed to your safety!  Check out our Files section for important safety tips on various topics. 

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